Our Rates
Upper West Side Kenshikai / BJJ
We try to make the rates at UWS Kenshikai / BJJ very simple and direct. In general, all tuition is paid as a consistent monthly fee, which allows you unlimited access to the available classes for your age and rank. It is similar to a gym membership in this way.

Unlike a gym membership, we do not require you sign a contract. We do however require that we have a card on file (credit or debit) to charge each month. This can be canceled at any time via email.

Our monthly rates are as follow:
Kids Karate/BJJ 2x per week (ages 3+) $165/Month
Kids Karate/BJJ 3x per week (ages 4+) $190/Month
Kids Karate/BJJ 4x per week (ages 3+) $215/Month
Kids Karate All Access (ages 6+) $245/Month
Adults and Teens Karate/BJJ: $215/Month

We don't have a lot of policies, but we do have a few. Please note below:
928 Columbus Ave.
(212) 222-1172
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