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Kids Karate Ages 3-5:
Fitness, focus and fun- all in one class! Our younger kids karate classes (ages 3-5) combine basic techniques and stretching with fun karate games. Self control, strength, and body awareness are all emphasized. Each class includes punches, kicks, obstacle courses and more!

Kids Karate Ages 6-12:
Our older kids' classes (ages 6-12) emphasize both physical and mental development. Children learn traditional karate techniques, katas (forms), and strengthening exercises. Classes are designed for children to learn at their own pace. Multiple days and times are offered so it is easy to find something that works for your busy schedule! (Note: For ages 13+ please see adult class info.)

Kids Sparring Ages 6-12:
Sparring is a class where children use the karate techniques they have learned in their regular classes with a partner in a controlled environment. It is not "fighting". Non-partner drills that teach sparring technique and strategy are also practiced. This class requires close contact, so self control and working well with a partner is a must. Purchase of protective gear is required.

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