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Tsuki No Kata
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"Tsuki no kata"

1. Right foot steps back 45 degrees (to the back-right diagonal) into kiba-dachi, left gedan-barai, right chudan-tsuki across chest.

2. Right foot steps forward 90 degrees, covering groin - circular motion, (to the front-right diagonal) into kiba-dachi, left straight punch across chest.

3. Left foot steps forward (directly up the 'i' into left sanchin-dachi, chudan-tsuki.

4. Step forward into right sanchin-dachi, left chudan-tsuki.

5. Step forward into left zenkutsu-dachi, right gedan-gyaku-tsuki.

6. Step forward into right zenkutsu-dachi, left gedan-gyaku-tsuki, right chudan-tsuki. KIAI!

7. Right foot slides back to left and steps across, pivot 180 degrees (down the ?i?) into left sanchin-dachi, left chudan-uchi-uke, right chudan-tsuki. Left hand in chamber.

8. Step forward into right sanchin-dachi.

9. Right kote-uke to slow 5 count.

10. Quickly, left chudan-tsuki, right chudan-tsuki.

11. Step forward into left zenkutsu-dachi, left jodan-tsuki.

12. Step forward into right zenkutsu-dachi right jodan-tsuki.

13. Mawate, left gedan-barai.

14. Right mae-geri, without putting foot down, turn 90 degrees to right, step into kiba-dachi, right jun-tsuki, KIAI!

15. Step into kiba-dachi, left jun-tsuki, mawate and right jun- nukite.

16. Step 180 degrees into kiba-dachi, left jun- nukite.

17. Left foot moves to right and then back into right zenkutsu-dachi, right chudan-uchi-uke gedan-barai (left hand down inside) to a slow 5-count.

18. To slow 5-count draw right hand back into chamber and then right jodan-tsuki, KIAI!, left gedan-tsuki, right chudan-tsuki.

19. Right foot moves into right sanchin-dachi, shuto-mawashi-uke (right hand down inside), ibuki.

20. Come back to mokuso.