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Pinan #5
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1. Turn 90 degrees left into right kokutsu-dachi, left chudan-uchi-uke, right chudan-gyaku-tsuki.

2. Bring left leg to right into musubi-dachi, left fist on top of right, both hands to right chamber.

3. Turn 90 degrees right into left kokutsu-dachi, right chudan-uchi-uke, left chudan-gyaku-tsuki.

4. Bring right leg to left into musubi-dachi, right fist on top of left, both hands to left chamber.

5. Step into right zenkutsu-dachi, right chudan-morote-uke.

6. Step into left zenkutsu-dachi gedan-juji-uke.

7. Without moving, jodan-morote- nukite (wrists crossed).

8. Roll right hand over left, step into right zenkutsu-dachi right chudan-tsuki. Kiai!

9. Turn 180 degrees, right soto-mawashi-geri, right gedan-barai.

10. Slowly open left hand toward your left side into haishu strike.

11. Right soto-mawashi-geri into open left hand, right hiji-mawashi-ate into left hand, step left leg behind right into kake-dachi, reinforced right uraken-shomen-uchi. Kiai!

12. Right hand punch straight up.

13. Step left leg out into heiko-dachi but on chusoku, looking to the left.

14. Jump through the air, turning 180 degrees and dropping into kake-dachi, gedan-juji-uke.

15. Turn 90 degrees into right zenkutsu-dachi, right chudan-morote-uke.

16. Turn 45 degrees into deep left zenkutsu-dachi, right hand nukite at floor level, left hand open at right ear.

17. Straighten up into kiba-dachi, left hand gedan-barai, right hand as tight fist above head.

18. Left foot retreats to left into musubi-dachi, hands remain where they are.

19. Step right leg 45 degrees to the right into deep right zenkutsu-dachi, left hand nukite at floor level, right hand open at left ear.

20. Straighten up into kiba-dachi, right hand gedan-barai, left hand as tight fist above head. Kiai!