Upper West Side Kenshikai Karate
928 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY  10025
(212) 222-1172

Fitness, focus and fun- all in one class! Upper Westside Kenshikai Karate offers classes to children ages 2 and up. Pre Karate 1 and 2 classes (ages 2-3, age 4) combine basic techniques and stretching with fun karate games. These young karateka build confidence, strength and self control as they enjoy 45 minutes of punches, kicks, obstacle courses and more. Our regular kids classes (ages 5 and up) emphasize both physical and mental development. Children learn traditional karate techniques, katas (forms), and self defense skills. Conditioning and strengthening exercises build the body while meditation at the end of class quiets the mind. Sparring classes offer the chance to practice techniques in a safe, controlled environment. Classes for 5-7 year olds are 45 minutes long. Classes for 8 and up, sparring and grappling are one hour.

Karate training teaches life skills that can be extremely beneficial to children of all ages both in and out of the dojo. It builds strength and confidence, improves focus and teaches discipline and self control. Our caring, experienced instructors allow every child to learn at their own pace. Parents and children are welcome to come in and observe a class any time. Private classes are also available.

New students may take a trial class! Call or visit us to find out more.