Upper West Side Kenshikai Karate
928 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY  10025
(212) 222-1172

Kenshikai Karate training can improve focus, concentration and self confidence. It is an excellent stress reliever after a long busy day. At UWS Kenshikai you can do it all. Regular adult classes offer a combination of traditional karate techniques, katas (forms), self defense skills and strengthening exercises. Meditation practice at the end of class offers the opportunity to relax and reflect. Practice your techniques in sparring class or build strength in kickboxing and conditioning class.

Men and women of all ages and abilities can enjoy Kenshikai karate. Our goal is for students to improve both mentally and physically through their practice. Classes are designed to allow students to work at their own pace, challenging themselves to do better each time. We offer a variety of payment options so you can pick the one that works best for you. Join the UWS Kenshikai family- take a trial class today, no obligation! Call or visit us to find out more.

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